Prefer to take a car? If you want to get picked up and dropped off directly at our front door and then taken back to your home after your appointment, we can arrange that. Just email us to set it up.


If you get here at least 30 minutes in advance, you can probably find a standing zone parking space directly on the west side of our building on Clark Street. Put on your flashers and come on up; we'll help you as soon as we can so that you don't get a ticket. 

If you don't wish to risk that and want to park for longer than 30 minutes, download the SpotHero App on your smartphone and receive up to 50% off your parking! It's only $18.70 for 8 hours. Simply enter our address into the app as follows, then reserve your specific time frame for a huge discount! We recommend the parking at Block 37.


Because we are committed to offsetting our carbon footprint and ensuring a safer future for our children and planet, we strongly encourage our clients to take the train. If you do take the train to our office, we'll give you a $5 cash reimbursement. Don't forget to mention our train promotion to your attorney!